Weekly Pool Maintenance


TLB Pools offer weekly pool cleaning and maintenance services in the southern, northern and eastern regions of Johannesburg. We are a pool maintenance company that strives to provide our clients with a quality, professional and personal experience at all times. Due to our manageable size we can provide expert detailed advice in all matters regarding pools and pool care.

Making sure your pool is in a perfect condition all year through can be a daunting task and is not everyone`s cup of tea. Without basic pool maintenance you can be sure of having to deal with problems that occur on a regular basis. As with your home, maintenance is a true reflection on the wear and tear of your asset.

If you look after your pool,
your pool will look after you!
It’s that simple.

Our Weekly Pool Maintenance Services


  • Brushing of the walls and floor
  • Scooping out of leaves
  • Backwashing and rinsing
  • Pump and weir basket cleaning
  • Weekly testing of acid levels and corrections
  • Monthly floater
  • Vacuuming pools

TLB Pools believes in providing excellent value to our customers, providing a set monthly cost keeping your swimming pool in peak swimmable condition. Imagine your peace of mind coming home to a sparkling, clean pool with no effort from your part. Sit back and relax and let TLB Pools deal with the weekly maintenance of your swimming pool.

Customers will have to add chlorine once in between our service in summer time.

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