Pool Remarbiliting


Marbelite has been utilised in pool surfacing for well over 40 years.TLB Pools has applied marbelite with great success to numerous pools in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. Applying marbelite to the pool’s surfaces is an art and therefore needs to be undertaken by a trained artisan. 

TLB Pools is one of the the leading marbelite applicators in the country. The process of installing a marbelite pool can be complex, particularly if it is a custom-made shape and size. The advantage of these surfaced pools is that they are long-lasting and can be around for at least 10 years. 

The skill to freely customise the pool is another advantage, where even the flooring can be customised. Numerous marbelite pools have unique floors and designs. Marbelite pools are the best quality, but can come at a hefty price. They allow the owner to be creative and design their dream pool.

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At TLB Pools, you will have this luxury at the most competitive and reasonable prices in the market.

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