Pool Pump and Filter Repairs


Your swimming pool pump is essentially the heart of your swimming pool and pumps several thousand litres of water an hour. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that it requires maintenance every now and then and will unavoidably have a couple of things go wrong over time. 

Should you experience a problem with your swimming pools pump, there might be a number of reasons for its malfunctioning. In some cases, it might be possible to address the problem yourself; however, it is highly advised that you call a qualified professional to resolve your problem when dealing with expensive pool equipment. As the roles of pumps and filters are so vital, it is highly recommended to go for an experienced and professional pool service company for both installation and repairs – TLB Pools is your best bet!

Being broken isn’t the worst thing.

We can mend it and put it together again.

Here at TLB Pools, we offer the best quality of pool pump and pool filter products as well as quality service when it comes to both the installation and repairing of them. TLB Pools will guarantee your pool operates at the highest level to keep it crystal clear all year round.


We also install new filters and offer maintenance of existing swimming pool filters.

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