Pool Plants to make your outdoor area striking

3 weeks ago

There are some beautiful, classic ‘pool plants’ that are ideal to put around any swimming pool.

Swimming pool retaining wall design inspiration

A swimming pool retaining wall is an essential construction when installing a pool in sloped garden.

2 months ago

Pool marbiliting explained and its benefits

Pool marbiliting is a marble-based, reinforced coloured cement surface, used to line swimming pools, for strength and durability.

3 months ago

Swimming pool safety standards introduced in 2018

The South African Standards Bureau released a set of swimming pool safety standards in 2018.

4 months ago

Pool Skimmers and how to use them effectively

Pool skimmers are essential pieces of equipment for your swimming pool maintenance and come in a variety of makes and…

5 months ago

Pool salt chlorinators vs chlorine – Which is best?

While chlorine is not the only way to keep your pool clean and maintained, it is, by far, the best.

5 months ago

Automated Pool Cleaners for Home Pool Maintenance

Automated pool cleaners are one of the best pieces of equipment you can buy for your swimming pool, its all…

6 months ago

Pool Parties and some fun game ideas for your guests

While swimming never gets old, a fun pool party should be about more than just swimming laps.

6 months ago

New Pool Maintenance Tips for the beginner

As many benefits as there are to owning a pool, very few new pool owners actually know how to take…

7 months ago

Pool Filter Sand is an important part of your pool maintenance routine

Pool filter sand maintenance is one of the most important parts of keeping your swimming pool in peak, crystal clear…

7 months ago