What are the health benefits of swimming

2 weeks ago

Swimming pools offer many health benefits so consider how you could also make use of it to improve your health…

Designing a small pool for a small space

Designing a small pool for a small space can be challenging. It is often well worth it though.

2 months ago

Pool Plants to make your outdoor area striking

There are some beautiful, classic ‘pool plants’ that are ideal to put around any swimming pool.

3 months ago

Swimming pool retaining wall design inspiration

A swimming pool retaining wall is an essential construction when installing a pool in sloped garden.

4 months ago

Pool marbiliting explained and its benefits

Pool marbiliting is a marble-based, reinforced coloured cement surface, used to line swimming pools, for strength and durability.

5 months ago

Swimming pool safety standards introduced in 2018

The South African Standards Bureau released a set of swimming pool safety standards in 2018.

6 months ago

Pool Skimmers and how to use them effectively

Pool skimmers are essential pieces of equipment for your swimming pool maintenance and come in a variety of makes and…

7 months ago

Pool salt chlorinators vs chlorine – Which is best?

While chlorine is not the only way to keep your pool clean and maintained, it is, by far, the best.

7 months ago

Automated Pool Cleaners for Home Pool Maintenance

Automated pool cleaners are one of the best pieces of equipment you can buy for your swimming pool, its all…

8 months ago

Pool Parties and some fun game ideas for your guests

While swimming never gets old, a fun pool party should be about more than just swimming laps.

8 months ago